Spartan LSX Performance offers the most thorough and honest tuning in the business today; we are known for our signature tuning services. 


Every car we tune whether it's an outside build sourcing out our tuning resources or an inside build that we're loading in tunes for, every car is put through the same paces.


Regardless of how long it takes, we won't stop until it's right. Every car is street tuned to simulate REAL driving conditions which insures 100% accuracy both in part & full throttle modes. Dyno services are available, and are optional (but not required) for PCM calibration.

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We ask that you please bring your vehicle with a full tank of the specified octane required so that we can thoroughly calibrate your vehicles computer. In some cases it can take up to 50 miles of various styles of driving to thoroughly finish tuning a built engine, and in some cases 150-200 miles to do a "relearn" on certain foreign models. A full tank of gas insures we can efficiently finish your vehicle in a timely manner without interruption for pit stops.



The duration of time it takes in these situations varies by a vaste amount. Some cars cooperate and only take an hour while other cars require 2-3 days, especially in cold start tuning situations where we have to have the car on a dead cold morning. Since we cannot guarantee an actual time the vehicle will be ready we ask that all PCM tunes requiring more than 15 minutes of work to be dropped off for completion.



***Due to liability reasons, we are no longer tuning any nitrous or forced induction setups built by an outside source. We only tune in house builds that consist of power adders. We apologize for this inconvience.



We are also equipped with some of the most recent state of the art scanning soft/hardware available in the market today and we are not limited to GM vehicles for PCM diagnostics. ALL makes and models are welcome if you have a check engine light needing to be diagnosed. This includes but is not limited to BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Saab, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc.


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Spartan LSX Performance is a GM Performance shop built from the ground-up by gearheads who followed their dreams to become expert performance mechanics. 

We offer the best LS Performance and Late Model GM service around!

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