If you have a Corvette, Cadillac CTS-V, 2010+ Camaro, Pontiac GTO / G8, or any other I.R.S. equipped vehicle and are thinking about purchasing an entire diff for a gear change, STOP NOW. We can save you a substantial amount of extra mod money by building your current IRS differential in-house. We are fully versed on all different makes & models using the IRS platform and we pass on the savings we get from our gear suppliers on to you.


This is NOT limited to the newer and/or LSX platforms. We can build any IRS differential, new or old.


Solid Axle


We also offer solid axle gear installations of any kind, make or model. Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota truck, doesn't matter. If it's got a solid axle, we can build it. This includes 4x4 vehicles with front and rear differentials!!! If it's got a ring & pinion inside it, we can build it.

Transmission Rebuilds


Spartan LSX Performance does all of our own GM transmission builds in-house! This includes all GM trucks, SUV's, or any RWD V8 powered vehicle GM has developed in the past 20 years. Our pricing structure is beyond competitive since we keep everything local -- in most cases we can build you a reliable transmission for HALF the price you'll pay an outside vendor.


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Spartan LSX Performance is a GM Performance shop built from the ground-up by gearheads who followed their dreams to become expert performance mechanics. 

We offer the best LS Performance and Late Model GM service around!

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